Casio G9300-1 Mudman G-Shock

The watch does not come with GPS. It is one of the draw back If you compare it with suunto traverse alpha but still gps is not a life saving thing that you need other wise you wont survive. So clear your mind and relax if you watch does not have a GPS. But when it comes to power efficiency this watch is far better than suunto traverse alpha as battery timing of this watch is much higher than that of casio watch. Another cool aspect is that the crown is made up of mineral which means that you can use it without losing much of the money in your pocket. It is going to last for quite some time and will prove durable and long lasting.

But do note that that you will not get the sensors like alti or barometer with this watch. However the temperature sensing sensor is included in this watch. You will get accurate and perfect reading of the surrounding temperature from this watch. But due to the absence of the barometer you will not be able to track down how much pressure change has occurred and what kind of weather is coming in next 30 minutes. So barometer allows you to take quick decision but you will not be able to get this luck from this watch.

With the compass in this watch you will get the directions from this watch. It is solar powered watch which makes this watch really something to cheer and have in your arsenal if you are an outdoor enthusiast.