What to eat to gain weight easily

Want to gain weight? But don’t know how to eat to gain weight. Don’t worry I will tell you how to eat to gain weight. Just will is required. You don’t have to eat expensive foods to gain some pretty weight you can do it by eating food that is already available in your kitchen and fridge. If your metabolism is so fast than the process is a bit difficult for you but it’s quite possible. Its ultimate solution is food but what should you be eating? Is difficult to answer. You just have to keep away from the junk foods because those extra but empty calories are not required.

I am going to tell you how to eat to gain weight. Find some healthy but inexpensive food items to gain weight in an easy and healthy way. In my plan, you will find foods, which you can afford easily. Here is a list of foods you have to add in your daily routine for amazing results. To gain some weight you have to add extra calories almost 500 more a day. You have to eat extra calories plus balanced diet which contains protein, carbs, and starches.

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Milk is an ideal drink which is rich in healthy nutrients like protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals. 3.4 grams of protein is present in the 100ml serving of milk so drink milk 2-3 times a day to gain some healthy weight.


Another healthy food to gain weight is eggs. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin a, vitamin b12, which are essential for the health of human body. Eat 4 eggs for breakfast daily to gain weight.

Energy bars:

Some bars of energy are ideal for weight gain like granola bars. They contain calories and nuts, which assure weight gain for you. So snack on energy bars at different times of the day.


Oats contain a lot of fiber and iron, which should be a part of a balanced diet. So try to eat oats for the breakfast to gain weight in a healthy way.


Banana is a high sugar fruit, which gives you an instant energy because 1 banana contains 110 calories. Also, a lot of carbs are present in banana making it an ideal food to gain weight fast and easily.


A tasty food to eat with bread at breakfast or for snacks is butter. It contains fats, which are saturated so add butter in your routine if you are looking for how to eat to gain weight.

Soya bean:

You have to cover up your protein requirement if you are trying to gain muscle weight. So it is essential to use in your diet.


The tastiest and popular grains in the world is rice, 50 grams of rice contains almost 60 calories and it is an inexpensive food to eat. A portion of rice will add hundreds of extra calories to lose weight in a healthy way. It is more digestible than wheat and contains thiamin and niacin. It’s easy to prepare and delicious to eat. So eat rice whenever possible to gain weight.


You have to eat a lot of carbs in an order to gain weight and potatoes contain carbs along with amino acids like arginine and glutamine making them best for weight gain. So add potatoes in your meals and snacks on French fries to gain weight. You can also eat boiled potatoes with salt and black pepper.


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